Customs Consolidation Act, 1876

Power of officers to search premises by warrant granted.

205. If any officer of Customs shall have reasonable cause to suspect that any uncustomed or prohibited goods are harboured kept or concealed in any house or other place either in the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands, and it shall be made to appear by information on oath before any justice of the peace in the United Kingdom or the Channel Islands, it shall be lawful for such justice, by special warrant under his hand, to authorise such officer to enter and search such house or other place, and to seize and carry away any such uncustomed or prohibited goods as may be found therein; and it shall be lawful for such officer, and he is hereby authorised, in case of resistance, to break open any door, and to force and remove any other impediment or obstruction to such entry search or seizure as aforesaid: and such officer may if he sees fit avail himself of the service of any constable or police officer to aid and assist in the execution of such warrant, and any constable or other police officer is hereby required when so called upon to aid and assist accordingly.