Customs Consolidation Act, 1876

Power of officers to search houses for uncustomed or prohibited goods.

204. All writs of assistance issued from the Court of Exchequer or other proper court shall continue in force during the reign for which they were granted and for six months afterwards; and any officer of Customs or persons acting under the direction of the Commissioners of Customs having such writ of assistance or any warrant issued by a justice of the peace may, in the day-time, enter into and search any house shop cellar warehouse room or other place, and in case of resistance, break open doors chests trunks and other packages, and seize and bring away any uncustomed or prohibited goods, and put and secure the same in the Queen's warehouse; and may take with him any constable or police officer, who may act as well without as within the limits of the district or place for which he shall have been sworn or appointed.