Lunatic Asylums (Ireland) Act, 1875

A prisoner under remand certified to be insane, to be removed to district lunatic asylum, and when sane be removed back for further examination.

13. It shall be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant, by warrant under his hand, to order that any person who shall have been remanded by a justice or justices of the peace for further examination, and who during the period of such remand shall be certified by two physicians or surgeons or a physician and a surgeon to be of unsound mind, shall be removed to the district lunatic asylum established for the district in which such person shall be confined; and such person shall when so removed remain under confinement in such asylum until it shall be in like manner certified that such person has become of sound mind, whereupon the Lord Lieutenant is hereby authorised to issue his warrant directing that such person be remitted to the prison or place of confinement from which he was removed to the asylum, and be brought before the justices before whom he was ordered in the warrant of remand to be brought for further examination.