Lunatic Asylums (Ireland) Act, 1875

Lunatics in central asylum whose sentences have expired to be removed to district asylum.

12. It shall be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant to order that any person confined in the central criminal lunatic asylum established in pursuance of the Act of 1845, and who shall not have been duly certified to be of sound mind, shall, on the expiration of his sentence, be removed to the district lunatic asylum established for the district to which it shall appear to the said Lord Lieutenant that such person properly belongs, and to determine to which county or county of a city or town comprised in such district the maintenance of such person in the district asylum shall be charged; and every such person, when so removed, shall be regarded and treated in all respects as if he had been admitted into such asylum as an ordinary patient, and may be by the governors thereof in their discretion discharged or placed in the care of his friends in the same manner as any ordinary patient.