Licensing Act (Ireland) 1874

Register of licenses to be kept.

16. There shall be kept in every petty sessions district by the clerk of petty sessions of such district a register, to be called the “Register of Licenses,” in such form as may be prescribed by the Chief Secretary, containing the particulars from time to time transmitted to such clerk of petty sessions by the clerk of the peace in manner aforesaid, and also the particulars of all certificates given in such district by the justices under the provisions of any Act now in force or hereafter to be passed, or of this Act, and requiring the production of any certificate previous to the grant, transfer, or renewal of a license or excise license, or wholesale beer dealer's license, the premises in respect of which they were granted, the names and address of the owners of such premises, and the names of the holders for the time being of such certificates, There shall also be entered on the register all forfeitures of licenses or of excise licenses, all exemption orders, all disqualifications of premises, records of convictions, and other matters relating to the licenses and excise licenses in force in such district.

Every person applying for any such certificate as aforesaid shall state the name and address of the owner of the premises in respect of which such certificate is granted, and such name shall be endorsed on the certificate, and the person whose name is so stated shall, subject as herein-after mentioned, be deemed, for the purposes of the principal Act and this Act, the owner of the premises.

A court of summary jurisdiction in any petty sessions district may, on the application of any person who proves to the court that he is entitled to be entered as owner of any premises in such district in place of the person appearing on the register to be the owner, make an order substituting the name of the applicant; and such order shall be obeyed by the clerk of petty sessions of such district and a corresponding correction may be directed to be made on the certificate and license or excise license granted in respect of the premises of which such applicant claims to be the owner.

Any ratepayer, any owner of premises to which a license or excise license or wholesale beer dealer's license is attached, and any holder of a license or excise license within any petty sessions district, shall, upon payment of a fee of one shilling, and any officer of police and any officer of excise in such district without payment, shall be entitled at any reasonable time to inspect and take copies of or extracts from any register kept in pursuance of this section; and the clerk of petty sessions and every other person who prevents the inspection or taking copies of or extracts from the same, or demands any unauthorised fee therefor, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds for each offence.

The preceding provisions of this section shall apply to the police district of Dublin metropolis: Provided always, that the register in such district shall be kept by the Chief Clerk of the Dublin Metropolitan Police Court, and that the terms “petty sessions district,” and “district,” and “clerk of petty sessions,” shall be construed to mean respectively the police district of Dublin metropolis, and the Chief Clerk of the Dublin Metropolitan Police Court.