Statute Law (Ireland) Revision Act, 1872



An Act for promoting the Revision of the Statute Law by repealing certain Enactments which have ceased to be in force or have become unnecessary in Ireland. [10th August 1872.]

Whereas with a view to the revision of the statute law and particularly to make the revised edition of the statutes already published applicable to Ireland, it is expedient that certain enactments (mentioned in the schedule to this Act) passed in the Parliament of England, and which by an Act passed in the Parliament of Ireland in the tenth year of the reign of King Henry the Seventh, intituled “An Act confirming all the Statutes made in England,” were declared to be good and effectual in the law, and to be accepted, used, and executed within the said land of Ireland, but which have ceased to be in force otherwise than by express and specific repeal, or have, by lapse of time and change of circumstances, become unnecessary, should be expressly and specifically repealed :