Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act, 1871

Power to Lord Chancellor, where property of lunatic does not exceed 2,000l, in value or 100l. per annum, to apply it for his benefit in a summary manner, without inquisition.

68. Where it is established to the satisfaction of the Lord Chancellor intrusted as aforesaid that any person is of unsound mind and incapable of managing his affairs, and that his property does not exceed two thousand pounds in value, or that the income thereof does not exceed one hundred pounds per annum, the Lord Chancellor intrusted as aforesaid may, without directing any inquiry under a commission of lunacy, make such order as he may consider expedient for the purpose of rendering the property of such person, or the income thereof, available for his maintenance or benefit, or for carrying on his trade or business; provided nevertheless, that the alleged insane person shall have such personal notice of the application for such order as aforesaid as the Lord Chancellor shall by general order to be made as after mentioned direct.