Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act, 1870

Compensation in respect to payment to incoming tenant.

7. Where any tenant of a holding does not claim or has not obtained compensation under sections one, two, or three of this Act, and it is proved to the satisfaction of the Court that any such tenant or that his predecessors in title on coming into his holding paid money or gave money’s worth with the express or implied consent of the landlord on account of his so coming into his holding, the Court shall award to such tenant on quitting his holding in respect of the sum so paid such compensation as it thinks just, having regard to the circumstances of the case; but such tenant shall not be entitled to any compensation under this section when it appears to the Court that such tenant has been given permission by the landlord to obtain such satisfaction from an incoming tenant in respect of the money so paid, or the money’s worth so given by him, and on such terms as the Court may think reasonable, and such tenant has refused or neglected to avail himself of such permission; moreover where the money or money’s worth paid or given by any tenant claiming compensation under this section on coming into his holding was paid or given in whole or in part in respect or as covering the value of any improvements on the holding, care shall be taken that such tenant shall not receive compensation in respect of the same improvements under this section and also under some other section of this Act; provided that out of any moneys payable to the tenant under this section all sums due to the landlord from the tenant or his predecessors in title in respect of rent, or in respect of any deterioration of a holding arising from non-observance on the part of the tenant of any express or implied covenant or agreement, and also any taxes payable by the tenant due in respect of the holding, and not recoverable by him from the landlord, may, if not deducted under the provisions of section four of this Act, be deducted by or on behalf of the landlord: Provided always, that this section shall not apply when such money or money’s worth has been paid during the existence of a lease made before the passing of this Act.