Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act, 1870

Compensation in absence of custom.

3. Where the tenant of any holding held by him under a tenancy created after the passing of this Act is not entitled to compensation under sections one and two of this Act, or either of such sections, or if entitled does not seek compensation under said sections or either of them, and is disturbed in his holding by the act of the landlord, he shall be entitled to such compensation . . . to be paid by the landlord, as the Court may think just, . . .

[Provisions relating to scale of compensation rep. 44 & 45 Vict. c. 49. s. 6, which substitutes other provisions.]

Provided that—

(1.) Out of any moneys payable to the tenant under this section all sums due to the landlord from the tenant or his predecessors in title in respect of rent, or in respect of any deterioration of a holding arising from non-observance on the part of the tenant of any express or implied covenant or agreement, may be deducted by the landlord, and also any taxes payable by the tenant due in respect of the holding, and not recoverable by him from the landlord:

(2.) A tenant of a holding who at any time after the passing of this Act subdivides such holding, or sublets the same or any part thereof without the consent of the landlord in writing, or, after he has been prohibited in writing by the landlord or his agent from so doing, lets the same or any part thereof in conacre, save for the purpose of being solely used and which shall be solely used for the growing of potatoes or other green crops, the land being properly manured, shall not, nor shall any sub-tenant of or under any such tenant as last aforesaid, be entitled to any compensation under this section:

(3.) A tenant of a holding under a lease made after the passing of this Act, and granted for a term certain of not less than thirty-one years, shall not be entitled to any compensation under this section, but he may claim compensation under section four of this Act.

The tenant of any holding valued under the Acts relating to the valuation of rateable property in Ireland at an annual value of not more than one hundred pounds, and held by him under a tenancy from year to year existing at the time of the passing of this Act, shall, if disturbed by the act of his immediate landlord, be entitled to compensation under and subject to the provisions of this section.

Any contract made by a tenant by virtue of which he is deprived of his right to make any claim which he would otherwise be entitled to make under this section shall, so far as relates to such claim, be void, both at law and in equity; this provision shall be subject to the enactment contained in the section of this Act relating to the partial exemption of certain tenancies, and remain in force for twenty years from the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, and no longer, unless Parliament shall otherwise determine.