Regulation of Railways Act, 1868

Printed copies of shareholders address book.

Supply of copies to share and debenture holders.

Penalty for delault.

34. Every incorporated company shall print correct copies of the shareholders address book of the company, corrected up to the first day of December in every year, and affix an asterisk against the names of those qualified to act as directors.

After the expiration of one fortnight from the aforesaid date the company shall on application supply such printed copies, at a price not exceeding five shillings for each copy, to every person who holds any ordinary or preference shares or stock in the company, or any mortgage debenture or debenture stock of the company.

Any company which acts in contravention of this section shall be liable for each offence to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds.

[S. 35 rep. 32 & 33 Vict c. 6. s. 1.]