Registration of Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1863

Superintendent registrars to send certified copies of registers of marriages to Registrar General.

15. Every superintendent registrar shall four times in every year, on such days as shall be named for the purpose by the Registrar General, send to the Registrar General all the certified copies of the registers of marriages which he shall have received from the registrars of marriages as aforesaid for the quarter of a year last preceding the first day of each of the several months herein-before mentioned respectively in the form B. in the schedule to this Act annexed; and the Registrar General, if it shall appear, by interruption of the regular progression of numbers or otherwise, that the copy of any part of any book has not been duly delivered to him, shall procure, as far as possible, consistently with the provisions of this Act, that the same may be remedied and supplied. The certified copies so sent to the general register office shall be thereafter kept in the said office in such order and manner as the Registrar General, under the direction of the Lord Lieutenant, shall think fit, so that the same may be most readily seen and examined.