Registration of Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1863

Certified copies of entries of marriages to be sent quarterly, and the register books, when filled, to the superintendent registrar.

14. In the months of April, July, October, and January, on such days as shall from time to time be appointed by the Registrar General, every registrar shall make and deliver to the superintendent registrar of his district, on durable materials, a true copy, certified by him under his hand, according to the form B. in the schedule to this Act annexed, of all the entries of marriages made during the quarter of a year last preceding the first day of each of the several months herein-before mentioned respectively in the register books kept by him, . . . and the superintendent registrar shall examine the same, and if found to be correct shall certify the same under his hand to be a true copy: If there shall have been no marriages registered since the delivery of the last certificate, the registrar shall certify the fact, and such certificate shall be delivered to the superintendent registrar as aforesaid, and be countersigned by him: The registrar shall keep safely the register book furnished to him as herein-before mentioned until it shall be filled, and shall then deliver it to the superintendent registrar, to be kept by him with the records of his office.