Registration of Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1863

Particulars of certificates to be entered in register books.

Correction of erroneous entries.

13. Every registrar, on receipt of any such certificate, shall forthwith enter the particulars thereof in the register book: Provided always, that if any error shall be discovered to have been committed in the entry of marriage in any register, the person discovering the same shall forthwith give information thereof to the justice or justices at the petty sessions of the district within which such marriage shall have been solemnized, or, if within the Dublin Metropolitan Police District, to a divisional justice or justices within the said district; and it shall be lawful for the said justice or justices, and they are hereby authorized and required, thereupon, or upon otherwise coming to the knowledge of such erroneous entry, to summon before them the person who made and any person concerned in making such erroneous entry or having any knowledge regarding the same, and also any person interested in the effect of such erroneous entry, and to examine all such persons on oath; and if the said justice or justices shall be satisfied that any error has been committed in any such entry, such justice or justices shall, by authority in writing under his or their hands, direct the registrar to correct the erroneous entry; and it shall be lawful for the registrar, and he is hereby required, thereupon to correct the erroneous entry according to the truth of the case by entry in the margin, without any alteration of the original entry; and such marginal entry shall contain a reference to the deposition upon which the said justice or justices directed the correction to be made, and shall be dated on the day on which it is made, and signed by the parties applying for the correction and by the registrar; and in every case the registrar shall make the like alteration in the certified copy of the register book to be made by him as herein-after provided; provided, that in case such certified copy shall have been already made, he shall make and deliver in like manner a separate certified copy of the original erroneous entry and of the marginal correction therein made.