Registration of Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1863

Provision for marriages not within provisions of 7 & 8 Vict. c. 81.

11. In all cases of marriages which may be legally solemnized in Ireland, and which do not come within the provisions of the Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1844, or any Act amending the same, the parties about to contract any such marriage shall produce to the clergyman celebrating the marriage a certificate according to the form A. in the schedule hereunto annexed, which certificate shall be procured by the parties contracting the marriage, previous to its solemnization, from the registrar of the district appointed under this Act within which such marriage is intended to be solemnized, who shall be bound, as far as possible, without fee or reward, to fill up the said schedule, and it shall be signed by the parties contracting the marriage and by the witnesses present thereat, not being less than two, and also by the said clergyman; and the parties contracting the marriage shall within three days thereafter either deliver or send by post such certificate to the registrar of marriages appointed under this Act for the district wherein the marriage was solemnized; and the husband shall, in case of failure so to deliver or send such certificate, be liable in a penalty not exceeding ten pounds, to be recovered as herein-after provided.