Landlord and Tenant Law Amendment Act, Ireland 1860

Summary recovery of possession of tenements in case of wilful injury by tenants.

84. In case any such cottier tenant, or any tenant for a shorter period of time than a month, or at will, or by sufferance, shall maliciously or wilfully injure or destroy, or permit to be injured or destroyed, any part of the premises holden by him, and which the landlord is bound to keep in repair, it shall be lawful for the landlord to make his complaint before any one or more justices of the peace for the county, not being interested in the said premises, at petty sessions; and such justice or justices shall summon the tenant before him or them, and hear and determine such complaint; and if it shall be proved to his or their satisfaction that such tenant committed or permitted such injury or destruction upon the said premises, the said justice or justices shall, by their warrant in writing, direct any person to be therein named as special bailiff on the part of the landlord to deliver possession of the said premises to the said landlord or owner; and such warrant shall be obeyed and executed by such special bailiff, who shall have full power and authority so to do.