Landlord and Tenant Law Amendment Act, Ireland 1860

Ejectment for year’s rent unpaid.

52. Whenever a year’s rent shall be in arrear in respect of lands held under any fee farm, grant, lease, or other contract of tenancy, or from year to year, and whether by writing or otherwise, it shall be lawful for the landlord immediately thereon, and before the expiration of the time, if any, limited for re-entry thereupon in any lease or agreement, to proceed by ejectment for the recovery of the possession of the said lands in any of the Superior Courts of Law at Dublin, or, where the rent shall not exceed one hundred pounds by the year, in the court of the chairman of the county in which the lands or any part thereof is situated; and the plaintiff’s right to sue as such landlord shall not be defeated by proof merely that the legal estate in the rent or lands is vested in any other person not a party to such suit or proceeding, but who would be a trustee for the plaintiff, provided that the plaintiff was at the time of the institution of such suit or other proceeding the person substantially and beneficially entitled to the said rent.