Dublin Police Act, 1859

Lord Lieutenant may abolish divisions of police district, and appoint such number of courts and justices as he may think fit.

8. It shall be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant, if he shall so think fit, by and with the advice and consent of Her Majesty's Privy Council in Ireland, to abolish the divisions of the said police district, and from time to time to order that there shall be for the whole of the said district such number of public offices or police courts for the administration of justice, to be held at such place or places, as he shall by and with such advice and consent as aforesaid deem proper; and the Lord Lieutenant may, if he shall so think fit, reduce the number of justices for the said district.

[S. 9 rep. 55 & 56 Vict. c. 19. (S.L.R.)]