Spirits (Ireland) Act, 1855

Disposal of seizures.

2. On the conviction of any person in relation to whose offence any goods shall have been seized under the provisions of the said sections respectively, such goods shall be absolutely forfeited; or if any such goods as aforesaid shall not within fourteen days after the making thereof be claimed, by application in writing to the inspector or superintendent of police, or to the county inspector or sub-inspector, by whom or within whose district such goods shall have been seized, then, although no conviction shall have taken place, such goods shall be absolutely forfeited: Provided always, that if any such claim shall be made in the manner and within the time herein directed and limited in that behalf, and no such conviction as aforesaid shall have been or shall be made, then such goods so seized shall be proceeded upon to condemnation by information before any justice or justices of the peace, in like manner as in the case of goods seized under the provisions of any Act relating to duties of Excise; . . .

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