Towns Improvement (Ireland) Act, 1854

Offensive Trades newly established to be subject to the Regulation of Commissioners.

L. The Business of a Blood-boiler, Bone-boiler, Slaughterer of Cattle, Horses, or Animals of any Description, Soap-boiler, Tallow-melter, Tripe-boiler, or other noxious or offensive Business, Trade, or Manufacture, shall not be newly established in any Building or Place within the Town without the Consent of the Commissioners; and whosoever offends against this Enactment shall be liable for each Offence to a Penalty not exceeding Twenty Pounds, and a further Penalty not exceeding Forty Shillings for each Day during which the Offence is continued; and the Commissioners may from Time to Time make such Byelaws with respect to any such Businesses so newly established as they may think necessary and proper, in order to prevent or diminish the noxious or injurious Effects thereof.

And with respect to the lighting of Towns, be it enacted as follows: