Succession Duty Act, 1853


18. Where the whole succession or successions derived from the same predecessor and passing upon any death to any person or persons shall not amount in money or principal value to the sum of one hundred pounds, no duty shall be payable under this Act in respect thereof or of any portion thereof; and no duty shall be payable under this Act upon any succession, which, as estimated according to the provisions of this Act, shall be of less value than twenty pounds in the whole, or upon any monies applied to the payment of the duty on any succession according to any trust for that purpose, or by any person in respect of a succession, who, if the same were a legacy bequeathed to him by the predecessor, would be exempted from the payment of duty in respect thereof under the Legacy Duty Acts; and no person shall be charged with duty under this Act in respect of any interest surrendered by him or extinguished before the time appointed for the commencement of this Act; and no person charged with the duties on legacies and shares of personal estate under the Legacy Duty Acts, in respect of any property subject to such duties, shall be charged also with the duty granted by this Act in respect of the same acquisition of the same property.