Grand Jury (Ireland) Act, 1853

Such Presentment to be subject to the Approval of the Commissioners of Public Works.

II. Provided however, That it shall not be lawful for any Party or Person to make any Advance on the Faith of any such Presentment until the Work for which such Presentment shall be made shall be sanctioned and approved by the said Commissioners of Public Works, such Sanction and Approval to be signified under the Hand of the Secretary of the said Commissioners for the Time being, to the Secretary of the Grand Jury, and all Money advanced under the Authority of this Act on the Credit of any such Presentment shall entitle the Party or Person advancing the same or his legal personal Representative or Assignee to be repaid with Interest in the Manner herein-before mentioned; and such Advance shall be paid over to the County Bank to the Credit of the Treasurer of such County, County of a City, or County of a Town, and accounted for by him in like Manner as any other Monies by him received for the Use of such County, and all Securities given by him shall extend to such Monies: Provided always, that any such Presentment as aforesaid shall be subject to the like Conditions as regards the previous Application to and Approval of the Justices and Cesspayers at Presentment Sessions, and to the like Traverse and all other Proceedings thereon, as other Grand Jury Presentments, but that after such Presentment shall be made and fiated it shall not be lawful for any Grand Jury to restrain the issuing of the Warrants which the Treasurer of such County, County of a City, or County of a Town ought from Time to Time to issue agreeably to the Provisions of this Act.