Dublin Carriage Act, 1853

Commissioners may regulate the Route and Conduct of Persons driving Carriages, Cattle, &c. during the Hours of Divine Service.

XXVII. On the Application of the Minister or Churchwardens of any Church, Chapel, or other Place of Public Worship within the Police District of Dublin Metropolis to the said Commissioners, it shall be lawful for the said Commissioners to make Orders for regulating the Route and Conduct of Persons who shall drive any Carriage, Cart, or other Vehicle, within such Parish or Place, during the Hours of Divine Service on Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday, or any Day appointed for a Public Fast or Thanks-giving; and any Orders which shall be so made shall be printed and affixed on or near the Church, Chapel, or Place of Public Worship to which the same shall refer, and in some conspicuous Places leading to and contiguous thereto, and elsewhere, as the said Commissioners shall direct; and every Breach of any such Order shall be deemed a separate Offence.