Valuation (Ireland) Act, 1852

Lists of valuation to be sent to treasurers of counties, clerks to guardians, and town councils.

17. When and so soon as the valuation or revision of valuation of all the hereditaments and tenements within any county, barony, or poor law union, county of a city, county of a town, shall be completed, the Commissioner of Valuation shall prepare and make out a list or table of the several hereditaments and tenements contained in each townland or other denomination therein, and of their respective valuations, signed by him the Commissioner of Valuation; and the said Commissioner of Valuation shall transmit a sufficient number of printed or written copies of such lists, so signed by him, to the treasurer of the county, and to the clerk of the board of guardians of each union in which the hereditaments and tenements contained in such schedule are situate, and to the town council of any city, borough, or town interested therein.