Petty Sessions (Ireland) Act, 1851

Addressing warrants.

25. The persons to whom warrants shall he addressed for execution shall be as follows:

1. All warrants in proceedings as to offences punishable either by indictment or upon summary conviction, which shall be issued in any petty sessions district, shall be addressed to the sub-inspector or head constable of constabulary who shall act for the place where the petty sessions for such district shall be held:

2. All warrants in other cases shall be addressed either to the sub-inspector or head constable of constabulary in manner aforesaid, or to such other person or persons (not being the complainant or a party interested) as the justices issuing the same shall see fit:

And it shall not be necessary to address any warrant of committal to the keeper of the gaol; but upon the delivery of any such warrant by the person charged with its execution to the keeper of the gaol to which the committal shall be made, such keeper shall receive and detain the person named therein, (or shall detain him if already in his custody,) for such period and in such manner as it shall appear from the warrant that the said person is to be imprisoned; and in cases of adjournments or remands such keeper shall bring the said person at the time and place fixed by the warrant for that purpose before such justices as shall be there.