Poor Relief (Ireland) Act, 1849

Temporary appropriation of workhouse áccommodation on formation of new unions.

3. If upon the formation of any new union it shall appear to the said commissioners expedient that until sufficient workhouse accommodation shall be provided for such union, either by the erection of a new workhouse or by the adaptation of any existing buildings for such purpose, a portion of the workhouse accommodation existing in the union or unions of which any portion of such new union shall have previously formed a part should, for a limited time, be reserved for such portion of the new union, it shall be lawful for the said commissioners to make such order under their seal as to them shall appear necessary for appropriating any part of the workhouse accommodation of such union or unions for the use of such portion of the new union as aforesaid, and to make such regulations for the government of such workhouses, and for the admission and discharge of paupers therefrom, for any period not exceeding three years from the formation of such new union, as under the circumstances they may think proper; and it shall be lawful for the guardians of such new union to make order for the admission of any paupers chargeable to such new union, or to any electoral division thereof, into any workhouses to which such order of the said commissioners shall apply, and for their discharge therefrom, in such numbers and according to such regulations as shall or may from time to time be prescribed by the said commissioners, and to provide for the conveyance of such paupers to or from such workhouses; and such orders of admission or discharge, made by such guardians according to the regulations prescribed as aforesaid, shall be binding on the guardians of the unions in which the workhouses are situate, and on their officers; and it shall be lawful for the said commissioners, and they are hereby empowered, from time to time to fix and determine the sum which shall be paid by such new union or any part thereof for the maintenance and clothing of the paupers chargeable to such new union or any part thereof, and the proportion of the establishment charges which shall be paid for the accommodation reserved in such workhouse, and, subject to the provisions herein-before in this Act mentioned, shall make order for the payment of such sum on the guardians of such new union, specifying the periods at which such payments shall be made, either wholly or in part; and the said commissioners may, at their discretion, from time to time suspend, alter, or rescind such orders and regulations aforesaid, or any of them: Provided always, that if any pauper who shall have been sent to any workhouse as aforesaid situate out of the union to which or to any electoral division of which such pauper is chargeable shall be discharged therefrom, either by order of the guardians or at his own request, and shall become destitute in the union in which such workhouse is situate within twelve calendar months from his discharge, the expence of his maintenance in such workhouse shall be chargeable against the union or electoral division from whence he was originally sent.