Bankers (Ireland) Act, 1845

Bank of Ireland may be dissolved on 12 months notice after 1st of January 1855, and repayment of capital sum advanced, and arrears of annuity.

4. Upon twelve months notice, to be published in the Dublin Gazette by order of the lord-lieutenant, that the said corporation of the Bank is to be disolved, and upon repayment by Parliament to the Bank of Ireland, or their successors, of the said sum of two million six hundred and thirty thousand seven hundred and sixty-nine pounds four shillings and eight-pence, together with all arrears of interest or annuity due in respect thereof, then and in such case the said interest or annuity shall, from and after the expiration of twelve months after such notice published, cease and determine, and the said corporation shall be dissolved. [S. 5 rep. 38 & 39 Vict. c. 66. (S.L.R)]