Bankers (Ireland) Act, 1845

Banking copartnerships, &c. may carry on business in Dublin or within 50 miles thereof.

Members to be individually liable.

[1.] . . . it shall and may be lawful for any persons exceeding six in number united or to be united in societies or partnerships, or for any bodies politic or corporate, to transact or carry on the business of bankers in Ireland at Dublin, and at every place within fifty miles thereof, as freely as persons exceeding six in number united as aforesaid may lawfully carry on the same business at any place in Ireland beyond the distance of fifty miles from Dublin: Provided always, that every member of any such society, partnership, bodies politic or corporate, shall be liable and responsible for the due payment of all the debts and liabilities of the corporation or co-partnership of which such person shall be a member, any agreement, covenant, or contract to the contrary notwithstanding.