Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845

All sums payable under contract with persons not absolutely entitled, to be paid into Bank, or to trustees.

73. All sums of money exceeding twenty pounds which may be payable by the promoters of the undertaking in respect of the taking, using, or interfering with any lands under a contract or agreement with any person who shall not be entitled to dispose of such lands, or of the interest therein contracted to be sold by him, absolutely for his own benefit, shall be paid into the Bank or to trustees in manner aforesaid; and it shall not be lawful for any contracting party not entitled as aforesaid to retain to his own use any portion of the sums so agreed or contracted to be paid for or in respect of the taking, using, or interfering with any such lands, or in lieu of bridges, tunnels or other accommodation works, or for assenting to or not opposing the passing of the bill authorizing the taking of such lands, but all such monies shall be deemed to have been contracted to be paid for and on account of the several parties interested in such lands, as well in possession as in remainder, reversion, or expectancy: Provided always, that it shall be in the discretion of the Court of Chancery, or the said trustees, as the case may be, to allot to any tenant for life, or for any other partial or qualified estate, for his own use, a portion of the sum so paid into the Bank or to such trustees as aforesaid, as compensation for any injury, inconvenience, or annoyance which he may be considered to sustain, independently of the actual value of the lands to be taken, and of the damage occasioned to the lands held therewith, by reason of the taking of such lands and the making of the works.