Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845

Sums from 20l. to 200l. to be deposited, or paid to trustees.

71. If such purchase money or compensation shall not amount to the sum of two hundred pounds, and shall exceed the sum of twenty pounds, the same shall either be paid into the Bank, and applied in the manner herein-before directed with respect to sums amounting to or exceeding two hundred pounds, or the same may lawfully be paid to two trustees, to be nominated by the parties entitled to the rents or profits of the lands in respect whereof the same shall be payable, such nomination to be signified by writing under the hands of the party so entitled; and in case of the coverture, infancy, lunacy, or other incapacity of the parties entitled to such monies, such nomination, may lawfully be made by their respective husbands, guardians, committees, or trustees; but such last-mentioned application of the monies shall not be made unless the promoters of the undertaking approve thereof, and of the trustees named for the purpose; and the money so paid to such trustees, and the produce arising therefrom, shall be by such trustees applied in the manner herein-before directed with respect to money paid into the Bank, but it shall not be necessary to obtain any order of the court for that purpose.