Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845

Form in which portions of this Act may be incorporated with other Acts.

Purchase of lands by agreement.

5. And whereas it may be convenient in some cases to incorporate with Acts of Parliament hereafter to be passed some portion only of the provisions of this Act: Be it therefore enacted, that for the purpose of making any such incorporation it shall be sufficient in any such Act to enact that the clauses of this Act with respect to the matter so proposed to be incorporated, (describing such matter as it is described in this Act in the words introductory to the enactment with respect to such matter,) shall be incorporated with such Act, and thereupon all the clauses and provisions of this Act with respect to the matter so incorporated shall, save so far as they shall be expressly varied or excepted by such Act, form part of such Act, and such Act shall be construed as if the substance of such clauses and provisions were set forth therein with reference to the matter to which such Act shall relate.

And with respect to the purchase of lands by agreement, be it enacted as follows: