Judgments (Ireland) Act, 1844

Lis pendens not to affect purchasers, &c. unless duly registered under this Act.

Re-registration of lis pendens every 20 years.

10. No lis pendens shall bind or affect a purchaser or mortgagee without express notice thereof, unless and until a memorandum or minute containing the name and the usual or last known place of abode, and the title, trade, or profession, of the person whose estate shall be intended to be affected thereby, and the court of equity, and the title of the cause or information, and the day when the bill or information was filed, shall be left with such officer so to be appointed as aforesaid, who shall forthwith enter the same particulars in a book as aforesaid, in alphabetical order, by the name of the person whose estate is intended to be affected by such lis pendens, and which book is to be intituled “The Index to Lis Pendens”; . . . and the provisions herein-before contained in regard to the re-registering of judgments every twenty years, and the operation thereof, . . . shall extend to every case of lis pendens which shall be re-registered under the provisions of this Act.