Railway Regulation Act, 1842

Notice of intended opening of railway for conveyance of passengers.

4.[2] No railway or portion of any railway shall be opened for the public conveyance of passengers until one calendar month after notice in writing of the intention of opening the same shall have been given, by the company to whom such railway shall belong, to the lords of the committee of her Majesty’s privy council appointed for trade and foreign plantations, and until ten days after notice in writing shall have been given by the said company of the lords of the said committee of the time when the said railway or portion of a railway will be, in their opinion, sufficiently completed for the safe conveyance of passengers, and ready for inspection.

[2 Ss. 4–6 are extended to the opening of additional lines and other works, 34 & 35 Vict. c. 78. s. 5.]