Debtors (Ireland) Act, 1840

No decree, &c. to affe real estate until registered.

28. Provided always, that no decree or order in any court of equity, nor any rule of a court of common law, nor any order in bankruptcy or lunacy, shall, by virtue of this Act, affect any lands, tenements, or hereditaments, as to purchasers, mortgagees, or creditors, unless and until a memorandum or minute containing the name and the usual or last known place of abode, and the title, trade, or profession, of the person whose estate is intended to be affected thereby, and the court, and the title of the cause or matter in which such decree, order, or rule shall have been obtained or made, and the date of such decree, order, or rule, and the amount of the debt, damages, costs, or, monies thereby recovered or ordered to be paid, shall be left with such person, being any officer of the Court of Chancery as the lord chancellor or master of the rolls, shall appoint, any notice of any such decree, order, or rule to any purchaser, mortgagee, or creditor in anywise notwithstanding; and such officer shall forthwith enter the same particulars in a book in alphabetical order, by the name of the person whose estate is intended to be affected by such judgment, decree, order, or rule; and such officer shall be entitled for any such entry to the sum of five shillings; and all persons shall be at liberty to search the same book on payment of the sum of one shilling.

[S. 29 rep. 55 & 56 Vict. c. 19. (S.L.R.)]