Poor Relief (Ireland) Act, 1838

Issue of warrants to collectors and other officers of union.

73. [Provision for appointment of collectors of county cess, rep. 25 & 26 Vict. c. 83. s. 13]. . . .it shall be lawful for the guardians of any union to issue warrants under their seal to each collector, specifying the amount of money to be levied for the purposes of this Act on each electoral division respectively within the collection of such collector, and the portion thereof to be paid by each occupier of rateable hereditaments or other person liable to pay the same; and the collector, on receipt of such warrant; is hereby required and authorized to levy the money therein mentioned according thereto; and such money shall and may be collected and levied, sued for and recovered, by such and the same ways and means as the grand jury cess, or the money applotted on the several persons liable to pay the same, may be collected and levied; . . . such rate shall and may be levied by any officer of the union who shall, with the approval of the commissioners, be thereunto appointed and authorized by the warrant of such guardians; and every such officer so appointed and authorized shall have such and the same powers in all respects, for the collection and levy of the money mentioned in the warrant of the said guardians, as are herein-before given to the collector for the time being authorized to collect county cess.