Public Works (Ireland) Act, 1837

Applications for the construction of public works under the provisions of this Act may be made by presentment sessions.

6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 116.

3. If any three or more justices of the peace, not being stipendiary magistrates, in and for any county, county of a city, or county of a town in Ireland, shall think it expedient to make application for the construction of any public work on the terms and under the regulations herein-after contained for the repayment of a moiety of the expense of executing such work, it shall and may be lawful for them, by notice under their hands, to be posted on the places appointed for posting notices of applications to presentment sessions in the barony or half barony or place in which such work is proposed to be executed, to convene a special meeting of the justices and cess payers associated with such justices at the last special or presentment sessions held in such barony or half barony or place for the purposes of an Act passed in the last session of Parliament, intituled “An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the presentment of public money by grand juries in Ireland”; and such meeting shall be held at the place appointed for the holding of such special or presentment sessions at such time as shall be specified in such notice, not being sooner than seven days from the time of posting such notice; and the senior justice present at such meeting shall preside thereat, and shall have in addition to his vote a casting voice in case of an equality of voices; and if a majority of such justices and cess payers assembled at such special sessions shall so think fit, the chairman shall apply by memorial to the lord lieutenant, on behalf of the justices and cess payers assembled at such sessions, praying that the work described in such memorial may be executed, and that a sum not exceeding the amount in such memorial mentioned may be advanced for that purpose; a moiety thereof to be repaid by grand jury presentment, as herein-after mentioned.