Dublin Police Act, 1836

Justices may make regulations for the management of the police force.

Policemen may be suspended or dismissed by the justices.

5. The said justices may from time to time, subject to the approbation of the lord lieutenant, frame such orders and regulations as they shall deem expedient, relative to the general government of the men to be appointed members of the police force under this Act, the places of their residence, the classification, rank, and particular service of the several members, their distribution and inspection, the description of arms, accoutrements, and other necessaries to be furnished to them, and which of them shall be provided with horses for the performance of their duty, and all such other orders and regulations relative to the said police force as the said justices shall from time to time deem expedient for preventing neglect or abuse, and for rendering such force efficient in the discharge of all its duties; and the said justices may at any time suspend or dismiss from his employment any man belonging to the said police force whom they shall think remiss or negligent in the discharge of his duty, or otherwise unfit for the same; and when any man shall be so dismissed, or cease to belong to the said police force, all powers vested in him as a constable by virtue of this Act shall immediately cease and determine.