Superannuation Act, 1834

Declaration to be made by persons claiming pensions for political services.

6. And whereas the principle of the regulations for granting allowances of this nature is and ought to be founded on a consideration, not only of the services performed by the individual to the state, but of the inadequacy of his private fortune to maintain his station in life: Be it therefore enacted, that whenever any person shall seek to obtain any one of the pensions before mentioned, his application for that purpose shall be made in writing to the Treasury, to which he shall subscribe his name, and which shall contain not only a statement of the services performed by him, and the grounds on which such pension is claimed, but a specific declaration that the amount of his income from other sources is so limited as to bring him within the intent and meaning of this Act and the principle herein-above declared; and without such declaration no pension as herein-before provided or authorized shall be granted.

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