Superannuation Act, 1834

No compensation on abolition of office, or special allowance, to be charged upon the funds of any department; and no compensation or superannuation allowance to be granted except by order of his Majesty in council.

18. No compensation for any office abolished, nor any special allowance or remuneration for good services to any person holding or having held any civil office in any public department, shall be charged upon the incidents or any other fund of any such department; and no such compensation, nor any allowance or compensation in the nature of superannuation or retired allowance or reward to any such person in respect of his having held any public office or employment, or having been engaged in any public service, shall be granted, allowed, or paid, other than under the authority of an order of his Majesty in council, or by the Treasury.

[S. 19 rep. 22 Vict. c. 26. s. 1.]