Licensing (Ireland) Act, 1833

Clerk of the peace shall deliver certificates to the persons entitled thereto.

5. Upon each application being disposed of by the justices attending at such sessions it shall be lawful for the clerk of the peace or his deputy, and he is hereby required to give or cause to be given to the person entitled thereto a certificate in the form following:

‘I A. B., clerk of the peace of      do certify, that C. D. is [or C. D., and E. F. are] duly entitled to receive a licence for the sale of beer, cider, or spirits [as the case may be] by retail at      in the parish of [or if extra-parochial, in the townland of      ], in this county [county of a town or city, as the case may be]. Dated this      day of      .      A. B. clerk of the peace for      .’ And every such clerk of the peace shall for the issuing of such certificate be entitled to demand and receive the sum of two shillings and sixpence, and no more, as a fee, before he shall sign or deliver such certificate.