Licensing (Ireland) Act, 1833

The proper officers of excise shall grant licenses to persons licensed in the year preceding, upon production of a certificate of good character, without any authority from justices of the peace, &c.

[1.] It shall and may be lawful for the proper officers of excise in Ireland to grant to the same persons and at and for the same houses as shall have been licensed in the year last immediately preceding, and whose licence shall not have been withdrawn or annulled, upon the production of a certificate signed by six householders of the parish (two of them being residents of the same or next adjoining townland, or street if in a city or town, in which such house is situate) to the good character of the applicant, and to the peaceable and orderly manner in which said house has been conducted in the past year, a licence or licences for the sale of beer, cider, and spirits, under the provisions of the said recited Act, to sell in Ireland by retail, in any house specified in such licence, beer, cider, and spirits respectively to be consumed in such house, without requiring the production of any certificate or other authority from any justice or justices of the peace, magistrate, or other person or persons whatever, on the persons respectively applying for such licences complying with the conditions of this Act; any thing in any Act or Acts heretofore made or in force at the time of the passing of this Act to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.