Illicit Distillation (Ireland) Act, 1831

Penalty on persons making signals or giving notice to persons engaged in illicit distilling, &c. of the approach of excise officers.

30. [Recital.] Every person who shall make or cause to be made, or aid or assist in making, any signal to any person engaged in illicit . . . distilling, or carrying or conveying or having in possession . . . any still, still head, or worm, or any worts, wash, pot ale, low wines, singlings, or spirits, or any cask, keg, or vessel, or give any warning to any such person so engaged as aforesaid, of the approach of any officer of excise, or of any person acting in his or their aid, shall for every offence forfeit ten pounds, subject to the mitigation hereafter mentioned; and any officer of excise or any other person may stop, arrest, and detain any person who shall so make or aid or assist in making such signal, or so giving warning, and convey such person before one or more of his Majesty’s justices of the peace residing near to the place where any such person shall be so stopped, arrested, and detained, to be dealt with as herein-after is directed.