Illicit Distillation (Ireland) Act, 1831

Officers may spill and destroy all spirits, materials, and utensils found at unlawful distilleries.

20. And whereas, when the officers of excise have discovered private or unlawful . . . distilleries, it has often been found impossible or difficult to remove the . . . spirits, materials, and utensils to a place of safety: For remedy thereof be it further enacted, that when any officer of excise shall find . . . any unlawful distillery, it shall be lawful for such officer, immediately upon the discovery of such private or unlawful . . . distillery, and the seizure of . . . any spirits, or materials, implements, or utensils for distillation, effectually to scatter, spill, break up, and destroy the same; any thing herein-before contained to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding.