Illicit Distillation (Ireland) Act, 1831

Persons found where illegal distillation is in process shall forfeit 100l., and may be arrested and taken before a justice.

19. When any officer of excise shall discover any private or concealed still, or any back or vessel for making or preparing or keeping any wort, wash, pot ale, low wines, or singlings, or other materials preparing or prepared for private distillation, the process of distilling or of making or preparing worts, wash, pot ale, low wines, or singlings or spirits, being then proceeding, . . . and shall at the same time find any person in the room or place where such private distillation of spirits, or making or preparing of worts, wash, or pot ale, low wines or singlings, . . . is carrying on, every such person so discovered, over and above all other penalties and forfeitures to which the proprietor or person in whose possession the same shall be found is subject and liable, shall severally forfeit one hundred pounds each, subject to the mitigation hereafter mentioned; and it shall be lawful for the officer of excise to arrest and detain every person so discovered, and to convey him before one or more justice or justices of the peace of the county, city, or place respectively near to the room or place where such person shall be so discovered, to be dealt with in manner herein-after directed.