Dublin Justices Act, 1824

On reduction of the police divisions to four, and justices to twelve, the provisions of 48 Geo. 3. c. 140. shall continue in force with respect to such divisions and justices.

5. From and after the time when the divisions of the said police district of Dublin metropolis shall be reduced from six to four, and the divisional justices shall be reduced from eighteen to twelve, in execution of the powers herein-before for that purpose given, all and singular enactments, provisions, clauses, articles, matters, and things contained in the said recited Act made in the forty-eighth year of his said late Majesty's reign shall be and continue to be in full force, operation, and effect, to all intents and purposes whatever, as if the said recited Act had originally directed the distribution of the said district into four divisions, instead of six, and the establishment of four public offices one thereof in each of the said four divisions instead of six public offices, and had likewise originally directed the appointment and election, in manner provided by the said recited Act, of twelve divisional justices within the said district, instead of eighteen divisional justices.

[S. 6 rep. 36 & 37 Vict. c. 91. (S.L.R.)]