Disorderly Houses Act, 1751

Persons keeping such bawdy-house, &c. to be bound over to appear to answer the indictment.

6. Provided always, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, that upon such constable or other officer entering into such recognizance to prosecute as aforesaid, the said justice of the peace shall forthwith make out his warrant to bring the person so accused of keeping a bawdy-house, gaming-house, or other disorderly house before him, and shall bind him or her over to appear at such general or quarter sessions or assizes, there to answer to such bill of indictment as shall be found against him or her for such offence; and such justice shall and may, if in his discretion he thinks fit, likewise demand and take security for such persons good behaviour in the meantime, and until such indictment shall be found, heard, and determined, or be returned by the grand jury not to be a true bill.