Maintenance and Embracery Act, 1634



An Act against maintenance, embracery, &c. and against unlawful buying of titles.

32 H. 8. 9. Eng.

Mischiefs by maintenance, buying titles, &c.

All statutes in force in England against maintenance, champerty, and embracery shall be put in execution in Ireland.

THE King our Soveraign Lord, calling to his most blessed remembrance, That there is nothing within this realme that conserveth his loving subjects in more quietnesse, rest, peace and good concord, than the just and due administration of his lawes, and the true and indifferent trials of such titles and issues as be to be tryed according to the lawes of this realme, which his most royall Majestie perceiveth to be greatly hindred by maintenance, embracery, champerty, subornation of witnesses, sinister labour, buying of titles and pretended rights of persons not being in possession, whereupon great perjury hath ensued and much unquietnesse, oppression, vexation, trouble, wrongs, and disinheritance hath followed among his most loving subjects, to the great displeasure of Almighty God, the discontentation of his Majesty, and to the great hinderance and lette of justice within this his realme; for the avoyding of all which misdemeanors, and buying of titles and pretended rights, and to the intent that justice may be more fully and indifferently ministred, and the truth in causes of contention plainly tryed between his subjects of this realme; be it enacted by our said Soveraign Lord with the assent of the lords spirituall and temporall, and the commons in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That from henceforth all statutes heretofore made in England concerning maintenance, champerty and embracery, or any of them now standing and being in their full strength and force, shall be put in due execution in this realme of Ireland according to the tenures and effects of the same statutes.