S.I. No. 504/2019 - Oireachtas (Allowances) (Chairpersons of Oireachtas Committees) Order 2019

Notice of the making of this Statutory Instrument was published in

“Iris Oifigiúil” of 11th October, 2019.

The Government, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by sections 4 and 8 (as amended by section 43 of the Ministerial, Parliamentary and Judicial Offices and Oireachtas Members (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2001 (No. 33 of 2001)), of the Oireachtas (Allowances to Members) and Ministerial, Parliamentary, Judicial and Court Offices (Amendment) Act 1998 (No. 5 of 1998), hereby order as follows:

1. This Order may be cited as the Oireachtas (Allowances) (Chairpersons of Oireachtas Committees) Order 2019.

2. There is payable to a member of the Oireachtas who holds or held the position of chairperson of the Joint Committee on Key Issues affecting the Traveller Community, an allowance, in respect of the member’s duties as holder of that position, annually at the rate of €9,500, in respect of any period beginning on or after 25 June 2019 during which the member held that position.


GIVEN under my Official Seal of the Government,

8 October, 2019.