Greyhound Racing Act 2019


2. In this Act—

“Act of 1999” means Horse and Greyhound Racing (Betting Charges and Levies) Act 1999 ;

“administrative racing sanction” means a sanction which may be imposed under section 46 (1) for a breach of the Racing code;

“Appeal Committee” means Appeal Committee established under section 50 of the Principal Act;

“authorised officer” means a person appointed by the Board to be an authorised officer of the Board under section 35 or under the Principal Act;

“Board” means Rásaíocht Con Éireann;

“Club” means Irish Coursing Club;

“Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies” means the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies as published by the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform;

“Control Committee” means Greyhound Racing Control Committee established under section 44 ;

“disqualification order” means a disqualification order read in accordance with section 47 and imposed as an administrative racing sanction provided under section 46 (1)(b)(i);

“doping” in relation to a greyhound, means the administration to the greyhound of a substance;

“exclusion order” means an exclusion order read in accordance with section 48 and imposed as an administrative racing sanction provided under section 46 (1)(b)(ii);

“greyhound” means a dog (including a bitch) entered in the Irish Greyhound Stud Book or the equivalent stud book of a foreign jurisdiction or the pup of a greyhound dog and greyhound bitch so entered;

“investigating officer” means a person appointed to conduct an investigation for the purposes of section 42 ;

“Irish Greyhound Stud Book” means the stud book in which thoroughbred greyhounds are registered and identified under the Constitution of the Club;

“Minister” means Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine;

“Principal Act” means Greyhound Industry Act 1958 ;

“Racing code” means the governance and regulation of greyhound racing and the greyhound industry under the Greyhound Racing Acts 1958 to 2019;

“racing sanction” means an administrative racing sanction or a sanction payment;

“sanction breach” means, in relation to a breach of the Racing code, a breach, stated in regulations to be a racing sanction provision, for which a racing sanction may be imposed by the Control Committee under section 46 or the Appeal Committee under section 49 ;

“sanction payment” means a payment required to be paid under section 46 (2);

“Scientific Advisory Committee” means a committee established under section 13 of the Principal Act to advise the Board in relation to matters for which regulations may be made under section 27 and, in particular, the doping and medication control of greyhounds;

“subsidiary” means a company established by the Board under section 18B (inserted by section 10 of the Act of 1999) of the Principal Act;

“substance” means any matter irrespective of origin, whether such matter is of—

(a) human origin (including human blood and human blood products),

(b) animal origin (including micro-organisms, whole or parts of animals, parts of organs and animal secretions, toxins, antitoxins, sera, antisera, extracts and blood products),

(c) vegetable origin (including micro-organisms, plants, parts of plants and vegetable secretions or extracts),

(d) chemical origin (including elements, naturally occurring chemical materials and chemical products obtained by chemical change or synthesis), or

(e) any combination of the foregoing,

which if introduced into a greyhound would affect the performance of a greyhound, to bring about either performance enhancement or performance impairment;

“substances regulations” means regulations made under section 27 (1) in respect of a matter referred to in paragraph (a), (c) or (e) of that subsection;

“veterinary practitioner” means a veterinary practitioner within the meaning of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005 .