Data Protection Act 2018

Rules of court for data protection actions

161. (1) It shall be the function of the courts in data protection actions to ensure that parties to such actions comply with such rules of court as apply in relation to such actions so that the trial of data protection actions within a reasonable period of their having been commenced is secured.

(2) Where rules of court prescribe a period of time for the service of a document, or the doing of any other thing, in relation to a data protection action, the period within which that document may be served or thing may be done, shall not be extended beyond the period so prescribed unless—

(a) the parties to the action agree to the period being extended, or

(b) the court considers that—

(i) in all the circumstances the extension of the period by such further period as it may direct is necessary or expedient to enable the action to be properly prosecuted or defended, and

(ii) the interests of justice require the extension of the period by that further period.

(3) For the purposes of ensuring compliance by a party to a data protection action with rules of court, a court may make such orders as to the payment of costs as it considers appropriate.

(4) Nothing in this section shall be construed as limiting or reducing the power of an authority, having (for the time being) power to make rules regulating the practice and procedure of a court, to—

(a) make such rules in relation to data protection actions provided such rules do not derogate from, and are not inconsistent with, any provision of the Data Protection Regulation or this Act, or

(b) make such rules in relation to proceedings or actions other than data protection actions.

(5) In this section, “data protection action” means a data protection action under section 117 or section 128 .

(6) In subsections (1) and (2), a reference to the courts or the court includes a reference to the Master of the High Court and a county registrar.