Data Protection Act 2018

Chapter 2

Enforcement of Data Protection Regulation

Interpretation (Chapter 2)

107. In this Chapter—

“complainant” means a data subject who lodges a complaint or, as the case may be, a not-for-profit body, organisation or association that, in accordance with Article 80(1), lodges a complaint on behalf of a data subject;

“complaint” means a complaint lodged pursuant to Article 77(1) or in accordance with Article 80(1), and shall be deemed to include a complaint so lodged by or on behalf of a data subject where—

(a) the data subject considers that the processing of personal data relating to him or her infringes a relevant enactment, and

(b) the Commission is the competent supervisory authority in respect of the complaint;

“corrective power” means a power conferred by Article 58(2) of the Data Protection Regulation;

“infringement” means an infringement of a relevant enactment;

“inquiry” means an inquiry referred to in section 110 (1).